Pet Portrait Session Location Tips: How to Choose

Pet portrait session locations are important decisions. Since I am a Raleigh pet photographer, I have experience photographing different types of dogs in different settings throughout the Triangle. I’ve put together a helpful list of things for you to consider when choosing a location for your portrait session!

1). How would your dog do in new locations for your pet portrait session?

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If your dog is nervous in new environments then he may be most comfortable having a session at your home.

If you prefer a location outside of your home you may want to arrive at the location early. That way your dog can relax by having time to explore the area.

I will also take my time to slowly get to know your dog and get them used to the camera. I want to be sure your dog has a great experience!

2). Is your dog leash reactive?

If your dog is leash reactive then it is ideal to choose a location that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. One such location is Historic Oak View Park.

Historic Oak View Park has many beautiful photo opportunities that don’t have heavy foot traffic.

3). Does your dog have mobility issues to consider during your pet portrait session?

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If your dog has difficulties with mobility then a location where minimal walking is involved is best!

We will still be able to get a variety of beautiful images within a small space. Consider having your pet portrait session at your home or in a park such as Historic Oak View County Park or Fred Fletcher Park, both located in Raleigh.

These parks have a variety of photo opportunities within short walking distances.

During our pet portrait session, I use different lenses and angles to create variety.

4). Is your dog extra sensitive to heat?

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If you are considering a pet photography session in the warmer months then really think about whether your dog gets easily overheated. If the answer is yes, then choosing a location with a lot of shade available is ideal.

I always have extra water and dishes on hand at each session. Also, consider scheduling your pet portrait session very early in the morning when it is cooler and the sun isn’t as bright. This will ensure that you and your dog have a fun and comfortable experience.

5). Are there locations that are special to you and your dog?

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Choosing a location for your pet portrait session that is significant for you and your dog is a great idea! Perhaps you have a favorite park or dog-friendly business that you go to all the time. You may prefer to capture the everyday moments at home that you and your pet experience together.

6). Would you like your pet portrait session to have a certain look or feel?

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Another thing to consider is if there is a certain feel or style that suits you and your dog’s personality. For example, you may enjoy walks downtown and visiting dog-friendly establishments along the way. Portraits in urban environments can be super creative and fun!

On the other hand, if you are more outdoorsy then having a woodland photoshoot would match the look you are going for.

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