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Dog Friendly Home Tips

Dog Friendly Home Tips

Most dog parents strive to have a dog friendly living space!Back when we adopted our dogs Sophie and Marley, we were so excited to make our home as dog friendly as possible! ! I remember going shopping for dog beds, crates, and blankets!

Changing up your home is always exciting. Finding ways to make it an even more dog-friendly space is key to keeping you both comfortable and living in a space that fits your style and personality.

Here’s my personal guide to making your home a stylish and functional space for you and your fur family.

1. Tackle dog hair with lint rollers and vacuums

Handle dog hair regularly. Lint rolling every couple of days is easy and fast! Dare I say even, a little fun?! A lint roller is very handy for couches and also to give your sweater a once-over before running out the door.

As I’m sure most pet parents can relate, there is nothing like a fresh looking carpet after it has been vacuumed. If you happen to let it go (:cough cough:) you may even have the distinct pleasure of seeing your black carpet turn magically to the original beige color! Trust me about keeping up with this! It makes all the difference.

 2:  Use Dog beds as decoration.

dog on couch

Dogs have a lot of stuff. But not all of it needs to be put away. One awesome tip for a dog friendly home is to use their beds as decoration!

We have a dog bed from Fi and Mimi that not only is super comfortable for my senior Sophie, but matches the carpet of our living room.

We also have Fi+and Mimi blankets laying around that my dogs love to lounge around on. These blankets are super versatile.

I use the blankets them for decor, yoga, dog beds, and taking it to breweries so Marley can lay down on the floor. Yes. That’s right. I’m that dog parent; and if you are reading this, welcome to the club!

Check out their website to shop around for dog beds and blankets that match your decor and style.

3. Keep Garbage out of Reach.

Dogs by nature, are curious. Especially puppies, and especially  my dog Marley. If you didn’t know, he’s a professional counter surfer; well his front two paws at least. To ensure a dog friendly home, it is essential to make sure garbage is out of reach.

My husband and I also affectionately refer to him as a boy genius. Luckily we have one trick up our sleeve that he hasn’t figured out yet. That’s a hair tie.

We use it to keep the counter door closed that houses the trash. It works like a charm without having to purchase baby proofing cabinet locks!

4. Display a Professional Pet Portrait.

I’m a firm believer that no dog friendly home is complete without a portrait of your fur kid on the wall. Not only will a wall portrait add interest to any room but it will also preserve the special relationship between you and your dog for memories to come.  Check out my blog post about all the reasons why you would want to invest in a pet portrait session. Check it out HERE.

5. Show off your devotion to dogs.

Lastly, if you’re like me and have a wild love of dogs, don’t be afraid to flaunt it! From mugs, to fabrics, art, stickers, and notebooks, the possibilities are endless!

Check out this awesome mug for a comforting drink HERE. Or perhaps you are wanting a refreshing beverage? Check out one of my favorite glasses. [If you want to show your devotion to a particular dog breed; you are in luck! There’s an ever-increasing amount of breed-specific art, fabrics and prints available – even wallpaper!

I’d love to know what other dog lovers are doing in their homes. What’s your favorite dog-inspired interior design tip? Send me a quick message at and let me know! Send a pic too, if you can.

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