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Announcing Complimentary Foster Love Sessions

This is for all the foster paw-rents out there! When I adopted my two dogs almost four years ago they had been in foster care for about a month. People who foster dogs have such a special place in my heart. I’m sure you cherish the bond and love between you and your foster dog.

As a dog photographer who enjoys giving back to rescues, I’m thrilled to announce my complimentary Foster Love sessions. These sessions celebrate the unique relationship between foster dogs and their paw-rents. Join us for these special sessions!

What are Foster Love Sessions?

These are dog photography sessions specifically for foster dogs and their foster parents. The aim of the session is to honor the amazing work foster parents do for rescue dogs in the Triangle. You will gain memories that you will treasure long after your foster dog has gone to their forever home.

Think of it as a visual love letter written between you and your foster dog.

Why Participate in a Foster Love Session?

  • Capture the Bond. After our dog photography session you will have memories to cherish. Whether you have an old soul or total goofball, We’ll capture everything you love about your foster dog.
  • Celebrate your Foster Journey. This is a great way to take time out for yourself and reflect on everything you have done for dogs under your care. You deserve the focus to be on you for a change! Even if your foster dog is still warming up a bit, we will capture him or her in all their glory and document where you are in the process.
  • Support Adoptions. During the session we will also take single photos of your foster pup if he or she is in need of a bio photo update. Having heartwarming photos that show the essence of your foster pup’s personality is a powerful tool in getting them adopted.
  • Work with a Pet Photographer experienced with rescue pups. I have been volunteering my photography services with rescues since 2019. I also have my Fear Free Certification for shelter volunteers so I am educated about dog body language. As with any dog I photograph, their comfort and safety is top priority. I go slowly and give them lots of time to warm up to me and the camera.

How to Sign up For Your Foster Love Sessions

Our current date is June 22nd, 2024. New dates will be added to the schedule soon. Sessions take Place at Historic Oak View Park in Raleigh. The address is 4028 Carya Dr, Raleigh, NC 27610.

The only requirement is that you provide a either link to your foster dog on a rescue website OR an email from a rescue coordinator assigning you the foster pup. If you don’t have this email anymore you can include a screen shot of any correspondence about your dog or simply reach out to your coordinator for verification, letting them know you need that for a foster love session with Paws Fur Joy Photography.

Here are the Easy steps:

  1. sign up at the link below to fetch your time slot.
  2. I’ll reach out to you to verify your foster status. This can be done through either a link to the dog’s profile on a rescue website or an email form the rescue organization confirming the foster assignment.
  3. I’ll send a questionnaire for you to complete about your foster pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take to get the photos? For foster love sessions you will receive your photos by the Monday after the session. I understand the importance of getting the adoptable bio photos as soon as possible.
  2. Can other dogs in my household participate? These sessions are for your foster dogs only.If you have more than one foster dog please sign them up for separate back to back sessions. We can include all in one photo providing they get a long with each other. If you have a dog you have already adopted, foster fail, etc they may not participate in these sessions. I have regular sessions, fundraisers, and events that they are open to sign up for.
  3. What if my dog gets adopted before the sessions? Go ahead and sign up and if your dog gets adopted prior to the session please reach out and let me know.

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