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I’m excited to announce this unique and heartwarming project: Dance for the Dogs. It is an opportunity to combine my three loves: dogs, dance, and photography. I myself am not a dancer but am completely in awe of dance as an artistic form of expression.

When I first got my camera 7 years ago I began by photographing the Wake Forest Dance Festival. I loved freezing expressive movement in action. It’s been a long time since I photographed dance and I miss it!

After adopting my two dogs I notice how they seemed to light up when I’d dance around the house (like a total goof ball).

As part of my pet photography I showcase the relationship between dogs and their humans. I also take a unique approach by integrating mindfulness into my photography sessions. I also view photography as a love letter between you and your dog.

The other day I was thinking that dance would provide an amazing way for you to celebrate and honor the love you have for your dog.

What is Dance for the Dogs?

basset hound mix rescue

Dance for the Dogs is an invitation to choreograph a dance honoring your furry loved one. You can use a dance that you already know, choreograph a new one, your dance spontaneously in the moment during the photography session.

How it Works

  • Dance with your dog. Bring a friend to hold your dog on a leash. Long leash will be provided.
  • Natural reactions. Your dog doesn’t need any training. We simply are capturing your genuine interaction sin the moment.
  • You will receive 3 high resolution edited digital images as a than you for taking part in the project.

Why Join Dance for the Dogs?

This project provides a unique opportunity to combine your love for dance and your dog in a fun and creative way. It’s a unique opportunity to create beautiful memories and be part of a community that cherishes the bond between humans and their pets.

When and Where?

We’ll be scheduling sessions primarily in the fall, taking advantage of the cooler weather and stunning autumn colors. Exact times and locations will vary. Some locations will include Joyner Park in Wake Forest and North Carolina Museum of art.

How to Join.

Join our interest list! Sign up, and I’ll reach out to you with more details. Let’s dance and celebrate our wonderful furry friends together!

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