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As a Raleigh pet photographer, I've come across a ton of dog related local businesses. I've used my experience to create something special for you. The fourth annual Raleigh Dog Parent Gift Guide has arrived! Whether you are a human or dog, there is something on this list for everyone. The one thing that most [...]
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The time has come to introduce our premier Mindful Paws Sessions! When you think of Paws Fur Joy Photography, what comes to mind? Soulful portraits? Celebration of love between you and your pet? Heirloom quality artwork? I do incorproate all of this into our sessions. However at Paws Fur Joy Photography I take it one [...]
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bassador and spaniel
I'm super excited to announce my FOSTER LOVE SESSIONS! These are complimentary sessions just for foster paw-rents and their foster dog. I firmly believe that dog foster parents are some of the most selfless people on the planet! I've seen firsthand the importance of fosters! After being left at a shelter, my two senior dogs [...]
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Let's dive into some eco-friendly enrichment ideas for your dog! Do you ever get bored? So do your dogs, cats and other pets! When I’m bored I tend to resort to zoning out with a Netlix show. I have even been known to wander into the kitchen for a snack. As you know, keeping both [...]
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dog in rose garden
I’m Abby, a Raleigh-based pet photographer and owner of Paws Fur Joy Photography. Are you as excited as I am about all the beautiful blooms popping up across the Triangle?  I’m sure you consider your dog to be as pretty as a petal! Petals and Pets Portrait Sessions To celebrate your doggos and the beautiful [...]
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