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The time has come to introduce our premier Mindful Paws Sessions! When you think of Paws Fur Joy Photography, what comes to mind? Soulful portraits? Celebration of love between you and your pet? Heirloom quality artwork? I do incorproate all of this into our sessions. However at Paws Fur Joy Photography I take it one step further.

It is not enough for me to create beautiful artwork for you and your pet. It is my mission to use our session to improve your (already awesome) relationship with your pet. This feeling lasts long after the camera is put away.

We all know that our pets are here for such a limited time. Therefore,it important to savor every moment with them. Mindfulness helps us do that.

My mission is to foster an environment of mindfulness, effectively transforming a typical pet photography session into an extraordinary journey of connection and gratitude.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply defined as paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment. It’s like being an observer but you are suspending judgment. Mindful observation is about tuning in and noticing every detail of something.You can mindfully  observe your outside environment, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.

For example, you know the saying“stop to smell the roses?” Well it’s applying this mindset to whatever you happen to be doing in the present moment. You notice how the rose smells, the textures, the layering of the petals, and different colors, the spacing between one rose bud and another, etc.

While it sounds a bit meditative, it’s not tied to any religion and doesn’t conflict with them. It’s simply a tool anyone can use to be more appreciative of the present moment.

To learn more about mindfulness is click HERE.

Introducing Mindful Paws Sessions

Mindful Paws Sessions are a premier pet photography experience where we incorporate mindfulness as part of your pet photography experience. To our knowledge, this is the first session of this kind in the country.

We incorporate mindfulness to our pet photography sessions by weaving in simple, effective mindfulness exercises throughout the session. This helps both you and your pet to slow down, relax, and really tune in to the present moment.

These exercises might involve focusing attention the feel of your pet’s fur beneath your fingers, tuning into the rhythm of their breathing, or simply sharing a moment of quiet connection.

Taking a Mindful Paws Beyond the Session

And the best part is, the mindful practices you learn during our sessions can easily be incorporated into your daily life with your pets. As part of our signature mindful paws sessions we include an exclusive PDF guide with exercises to help you incorporate mindfulness with your dog into your daily life.

Whether it’s taking a few extra moments to enjoy a peaceful walk, taking the time to truly engage during play, or simply sitting quietly together at the end of the day, these exercises can deepen your bond with your pet and help you to fully appreciate the joy they bring to your life.

At Paws Fur Joy Photography we believe in the power of mindful living. By consciously choosing to engage in the present moment, we can transform simple, everyday experiences into something truly meaningful. And in doing so, we can foster a sense of peace and gratitude that stays with you and your pet, long after your portrait session.

That’s the Paws Fur Joy difference.

When you choose Paws Fur Joy Photography, you’re choosing more than a pet photography session – you’re choosing to embark on a journey of mindfulness and connection, not only with your pet but also with the present moment. You’re choosing to cultivate a lifestyle of presence, gratitude, and of course, joy.

Paws Fur Joy is more than just a brand: it’s a lifestyle.

If you would like to book a session or have a quick no-obligation chat about the process, fill out the form below!

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