in home pet portrait session

In-Home Pet Portrait Sessions

 Capturing Everyday Moments: The Advantages of In-Home Pet Portrait Sessions

In this post we will discuss the benefits of choosing an in-home portrait session with your furry loved one and provide tips on how to prepare for the session.

Pets are part of the family. When we think about our pets we often cherish those simple, everyday moments. You know the ones..the way they grumble when they want attention, beg for a cookie, how they look up with you with pure love, the way they wait at the door before going out.

Pets are not just pets; they are part of our daily lives. They are family. These heartwarming moments that make our heart swell with love are often the ones we cherish the most, long after they are gone.

In-home sessions provide a perfect opportunity to document these intimate and loving interactions between you and your pet; all in the comfort of your own home.

In this post we will discuss the benefits of choosing an in-home portrait session with your furry loved one and provide tips on how to prepare for the session.

Reasons to opt for an in-home pet portrait session:

  1. Everyday Moments are Meaningful.

A huge advantage of a portrait session in your home is so that you can  preserve these magical meaningful moments that you want to remember forever. From dog cuddles on the couch, feeding time, cat massages, and goofy antics, these moments make up your pet’s unique personality.

By inviting a professional pet photographer to your home you will be able to artfully document these cherished memories, resulting in images that reflect the personality and soul of your furry loved one.

2. Home is Comfort.

in home pet photography session

Some pets may not be comfortable in strange settings or being outside. Also some may become very anxious or stressed when taken to a studio and not in their familiar, natural environments.

In-home sessions can go a long way in decreasing stress and allowing pets to relax and be themselves. When pets are relaxed the images are more likely to showcase genuine, emotive expressions. During any portrait session with  Paws Fur Joy Photography we place your pet’s’ comfort as our top priority.

3. Opportunity for Personal Connection.

When I’m invited into a pet’s home I go extremely slow. I realize it is a privilege for a pet to allow me on their turf. I take my time to get to know them and make sure they are comfortable with me in their space. To me taking time to cultivate this connection is extremely important.

For this reason I do not watch the clock closely during our sessions. At Paws Fur Joy Photography, your pet’s comfort is more important than making sure I “clock out” at a certain time.

Some pets take longer to warm up than others. As a professional pet photographer, I honor that and make sure that doesn’t take away from our time together. I take time to gain your pet’s trust. This is a crucial step in creating stunning art that showcases and celebrates your dog’s soul.

How to Prepare Your In-Home Pet Portrait Session:

1). Declutter.

in home pet portrait session

As best you can, tidy up areas where you want to have the pet portrait session. This is important because clutter in the background may distract/take the focus away from your pet. A quick tip for getting rid of clutter is to put things in a basket. That way you can quickly scoop up extra items and get them out of the way. If you would like more in-depth tips on how to declutter then check out his article HERE.

2). Choose Favorite Spots:

Are there certain areas in your home where you pet feels the most comfortable or spends a large portion of his or her time? These will be perfect areas to use during your session. Ideas for these spots may include their favorite bed, a sunny window, or a couch. Familiar surroundings will put your pet more at ease during the session.

3). Lighting is Crucial for your In-Home Pet Portrait Session.

in home pet portrait session

It is important to consider lighting in your home. Natural light is often the most ideal .Many pet photographers are uncomfortable with artificial lighting. However, I am comfortable with bringing my light stand in case we happen to need it!

Prior to your in-home pet portrait session, I will likely ask you what time of day your rooms seem to get the most natural light and will have you send me a photo at different times of the day. This helps me to fully customize your in-home pet portrait session experience.

4). Treats and Toys.

Just like any pet portrait session, have your pet’s favorite treats and toys on hand. These an be used as rewards to keep your pet engaged and focused. However if your pet is super food motivated I often suggest not bringing out treats (or that special toy) until at least midway through the session.

In-home pet portrait sessions offer a personal approach to showcasing the everyday magical moments with your furry friend. Opting for an in-home sessions helps preserve the loving, genuine interactions that reflect the special bond between you and your pet. To view our pet portrait services check out our home page. HERE.

If you’d love to create lasting memories and showcase the beautiful and unique bond between you and your pet then reach out by completing the form below.


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