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Dear Sophie (aka Speck, Soph Soph):

basset hound mix rescue

I love how you are both teeny and mighty. Sometimes you act tired and frail and other times you sprint down the sidewalk full blast, making us wonder 1) when you are going to stop 2) where do you find the energy? and 3) if we are going to have a cardiac event trying to keep up with your thick little legs.

I love how you soak up love like a thick little sponge! I remember when I discovered that you love to have a memento of us. Clearly, the smellier the memento, the better. You grabbed a used sock and brought it on the couch with you. You rested your chin on top of it and went right to snooze.

Forget about a security blanket, you taught me the power of a security sock!

Sophie, I love how resilient you are. When you started having seizures it really scared us. We thought we’d have to say goodbye much sooner than anticipated.  I’m so glad you responded to the medication and have been seizure-free for a few months now! I love how you persevere. You are truly an old dog with a puppy soul! 

Dear Marley (aka Marley Barley, Mar Mar, boy genius), 

rescue nova scotia duck tolling retriever

I love how loyal you are. You are the very definition of man (and woman’s) best friend! Your empathy never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes I feel like we are talking to another human. It’s like you can understand everything we are saying!

I love how you purr when you are being petted. I love how you are 100% in the present moment. Whether it’s soaking up belly rubs, laying on your blanket, or getting ready for a walk. I do wish you could talk to me.

When you waddle on walks I wonder if you are in pain. When you are itchy I wish you could tell me exactly where. I want to make all of your discomforts go away.

You both taught me about the power of rescue and taking a chance on a senior. You taught me that rescues will shower you with love and gratitude. I’ll admit, part of me was nervous wondering if you’d like us. Wondering if you’d have a hard time adjusting. From the first day when you eagerly hopped into our car when we picked you up from the foster, you have made my life better. I’m amazed at how you’ve both seem to feel at home from day one!

Life is more fun with you. Life is more full of love with you. 

When I leave the house I wish I could tell you both that I’ll be back and will never leave you. 

Sometimes you seem nervous when we drop you off at the vet or groomers. I wonder if you are thinking back to being left in the shelter several months ago.  Most of all I want to tell you that you are safe and you are loved. That this is your forever home.

However, something tells me that you already know. 

What we may lack in time left together you have more than made up for with love. For that I thank you. For that I’m grateful. For that I’ll do everything I can to protect you and make you comfy and cozy. Whether it means tossing a sweaty sweatshirt on the couch, getting a handful of slobber, or laying in the dog bed next to you. We’ve got your backs, kiddos!



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