3 Eco- Friendly Enrichment Ideas for your dog

Let’s dive into some eco-friendly enrichment ideas for your dog! Do you ever get bored? So do your dogs, cats and other pets! When I’m bored I tend to resort to zoning out with a Netlix show. I have even been known to wander into the kitchen for a snack.

As you know, keeping both our minds and bodies active is so important for our overall health! This is so important for our pets as well! Enrichment can also have a major impact in decreasing depression in shelter dogs. How awesome is that?! For all the deets, check out this resource HERE. 

Some signs to look for to indicate when your dogs are bored include sleeping more, chewing, digging, excessive licking, panting when not exercising, and pacing. You can check out more signs of boredom in your dog HERE.


There are many ways you can add some stimulation into your pet’s world that don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Check out these easy and green pet-parent projects you can try this spring.

Use an old towel to hide treats in!

Instead of buying new toys you can use what you already have around the house! Towels are an awesome way to add some excitement to your dog’s life! I love rolling up towels and hiding treats or kibble inside. To see your dog problem solving is a great way to learn more about them and how their brain works!  No sewing required!

Pick eco-friendly pet toy companies

Many dog toy companies are paying close attention to their carbon pawprint these days. It’s a great thing to be able to use toys that keep sustainability in mind as well as providing entertainment for your furry pal!  Checkout this great resource listing eco-friendly pet-toy companies listed HERE.

Go on a sniff-ari!

Something you do regularly can actually have a tremendous impact on your dog’s enrichment and relaxation. I consider a sniff-ari to be the equivalent of a spa for humans! It is super relaxing for dogs to be able to sniff on their walk. Rather than rush them along letting them sniff extra can go a long way to aiding in relaxation.

Another way to shake up the walk to make it more enriching is to change up the route.

I plan on incorporating more eco-friendly enrichment activities for my dogs. I love improving their day as well as the environment at the same time! Which of these eco-friendly enrichment activities are you going to try? Let me know by emailing me at pawsfurjoy@gmail.com or commenting below!

P.S Another way to enrich your dog is to explore a location during a custom pet portrait session! As a photographer during our session I am always thinking about making sure to leave the environment as I found it. You won’t see me tearing plants that are in the way or not cleaning up after myself! To learn more about a pet portrait session check out my services HERE.

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