Your fur baby's comfort is our top priority. Promise.

It is important to me that you have a personalized experience from our very first contact. I treat our sessions as more than just a photo shoot. It’s a celebration of all the gifts your fur baby has given you!

Read below about our pet led, stress free, and fun portrait sessions!

Pet Led

Your fur baby sets the pace of the portrait session. I’ll greet you first and then your pet. My approach will be different based on information you gave me during the consultation. I’ll approach the initial greeting differently based on whether your dog is wary of strangers or a total cuddle bug.

Stress Free

Your only job is to relax and enjoy your fur kid’s time in the spotlight!

I’ll direct you if I need you to hold the leash a certain way, hold a treat, etc. It’s super common that pet parents may not feel like their fur kid is performing to their potential. You don’t need to worry about a thing! It often takes a split second to nail a shot once set up. I’ll even show you a few photos in the camera so you can have proof your fur kid is a natural cover pup!


During the session we’ll have a blast! I try to make it feel like a game to your fur baby and make sure he/she is having a good time! We’ll give your fur kid plenty of play and cuddle breaks!